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Our History, the Future of Physical Therapy

At The PRO Performance Therapy Group, our mission is to help you maintain and enhance your active lifestyle. We strive to achieve this through providing top-tier specialized physical therapy services and cultivating an environment of dedicated, personalized care.


Our Founding, Our Growth

Decades of Dedication and Innovation in Physical Therapy

Our history dates back to well before our official start in October 2003, rooted in the pioneering spirit of Bob Nakaji, PT. Bob entered the South Bay physical therapy scene in 1968, founding the physical therapy department at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA. He then established Athletic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. (ARPTA Inc.), serving as the contract provider for PT services to the hospital. Bob's dedication was not just to treat patients but also to expand and enlighten healthcare professionals about physical therapy. Starting as a solo practitioner, Bob expanded his practice to 6 satellite sites and over 30 employees by 1990. His retirement in 1998 marked the end of an era, but his influence extended far beyond, mentoring numerous top physical therapists nationwide. This legacy inspired his son, Ross, to follow in his footsteps. In late 2002, over dinner with Dr. Tom Elardo (Bob's son-in-law), Bob, along with Kris and Ross, decided to start a new venture – a unique PT clinic combining Ross's treatment skills, Bob's advisory role, and Kris's management acumen.

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Decades of Dedication and Innovation in Physical Therapy

Our Philosophy

At The PRO Performance Physical Therapy Group, our mission is to keep you at your best by providing top-notch health, education, and exceptional care. We are dedicated to helping you live an active and fulfilling life. Our core values guide us in delivering excellent care, embracing innovation, and supporting growth.

Excellent Care

We strive to provide high-quality services and exceptional care to our patients. Our team is committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment and support for your well-being.

Embracing Innovation

We embrace and share the latest advancements in physical therapy. By staying up to date with the latest research and techniques, we are able to provide innovative solutions and personalized treatment plans for our patients.

Supporting Growth

We believe in supporting the growth of our team through continuous learning and training opportunities. By investing in the development of our staff, we ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the highest standard of care.

Making a Difference Beyond Our Walls

Our impact extends beyond the boundaries of our clinics. LGOST is deeply connected to the community, actively participating in local events and health workshops.

The LGOST Foundation brings support and athletic training to local high school sports programs, especially to those schools who currently do not have programs or need assistance in keeping their student athletes safe and healthy.

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The NFL Foundation, with Gatorade, NATA, KSI, and PFATS, started a pilot program to fund public high schools with limited or no access to an athletic trainer. This program expands on previous initiatives by the NFL Foundation and its partners.

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Attentive, uber competent, responsive, effective treatment of physical therapy needs and diagnosis, with excellent outcomes.  Highly professional, and reasonably priced. Could not recommend them more highly.
I have a past history of torn acls and I can honestly say the therapists here are the best i have ever worked with. between ross and dan i will make it back to my professional season stronger than ever. Highly recommend to anyone.
- JEN L.

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